Commercial domiciliation is intended companies (limited liability company, EURL, SA,   SNC, Civil Companies...), undertaken individual, to craftsmen, liberal professions, associations... in order to establish their registered office, or their commercial branch, at our address. Commercial domiciliation enables you to profit from the services, of an office without having all the expenses of them; formulate which makes you realize savings of operation by reducing your standing fixed overheads.


We propose you:
A registered office or a branch with a commercial address: 51, Billy street - 61500 SEES Adress which will be reproduced on your commercial and administrative documents. 
A domiciliation contract established with deposit 3 months or 6 months (H.T), renewable by renewal by tacit agreement.
The reception and the daily follow-up of your mails simple and recommended (if procuration) like your parcels, with reforwarding daily or placed at the disposal in our office.


To visualize our tarifs and the form
As of reception of the supplemented form, we send the contract to you.
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